Cranbrook Choral Society

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all looking forward to next Tuesday and starting work on the Faure Requiem and the Vaughan Williams 5 Mystical Songs.

I am conscious that I have sent out several emails regarding the cost of hiring or buying the scores so thought I would set it out below in an organised fashion!

Also it may help you to bring the correct money??!

Faure: Requiem                                 NEW  £4.50

                                                                HIRE       50p

V Williams: 5 Mystical Songs       NEW £6.50

                                                                HIRE £1.50

Choral Classics                                  NEW      £10.00   (this is for the Cantique de Jean Racine only.)

We will have some photocopies for those without the book.

I hope this is nice and clear now and look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday from around 7pm.


Choral Society

Upcoming concerts:

13 April 2019                     –              Spring Concert in St Dunstan’s at 7.30pm

                                                                                Hummel: Mass in Bb;  plus Mozart: Te Deum in C; Ave Verum; TBC

15 June 2019                      –              Summer Concert in Goudhurst Church at 6pm

November 2019                –              Autumn Concert in St Dunstan’s at 7.30pm

Faure: Requiem; plus Vaughan Williams: 5 Mystical Songs; Cantique de Jean Racine; TBC

Spring 2020                         –              Spring Concert in St Dunstan’s

Dvorak: Te Deum