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Current Notices and Rehearsal Aids

Julia is compiling a list of names of those who would like to buy their own copy of the Hummel (£11.00)  for next term and also a list of those wanting to buy Great Choral Classics (OUP) (£9.50).

January rehearsals start after Christmas on January 8th.

It would be useful if you had a copy of the Great Choral Classics (OUP)  Many of the pieces we sing regularly as well as in this concert are in that.

I can get NEW copies of this useful book at £9.50 each, so let me know if you would like one.  I will have some hire copies of this too.

If anyone wants their own copy of the Hummel: Mass in B flat  I can get these at £11 each, so will take orders for those.




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